The Netherlands: DSM Inc TSHD Experts Trained by TID

Ocean Dredging DSM Inc (DSM) owns one of Canada’s most important fleet of marine equipment and offers world-class integrated marine services including: dredging, harbor towing, pilot boat services, salvage, marine construction and repair, equipment rental, welding and machining, mechanics, short and long distance transportation by tug and barge, and much more.

It is recognized as a groundbreaker in Eastern Canada and counts over 700 employees.

Ocean Dredging DSM Inc has been in business since 1953, gaining a vast experience of maintenance as well as deepening dredging work and decontamination services in most of Eastern Canada ports and marinas. DSM employs over 50 people depending on the season.

Last year, DSM invested in the construction of a 1,180 m³ Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge (TSHD) named Ocean Traverse Nord. The dredge was built at Ocean Industries’ shipyard within a year. The TSHD is the first one of its type to be operated by DSM.

In order to have the crew properly trained to operate the newly TSHD equipped with the latest technology, DSM mandated the Training Institute of Dredging (TID) to prepare a specific program for them.

TID replied quickly and supplied DSM with a thorough training program which included both theoretical and practical exercises on a simulator. The main objective of the course was obtained within seven days of training supported by theoretical instructions.

Indeed, the participants improved their practical skills and knowledge and gained confidence in operating a hopper dredger. All participants found that the training was really well balanced with both high knowledge teachers and case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented.

The participants from DSM were:

Julien Leclerc, Dredge Master,

Gilles Rouleau, Dredge Master,

Jean-Martin Fradette, Captain,

Michel Ferron, Captain,

Sylvain Babineau, Project Director.


Source: dredgetraining, August 23, 2012