Rohr Dredge Continues Its Market Expansion (Russia)

A Rohr Clamshell Luffing Jib dredge working in Siberia, Russia, digging at 60m (200ft)

As Russia continues its infrastructure expansion, it requires more sand and gravel to support roads, bridges and other construction projects.

Rohr Dredge has announced the start-up of its second new dredge, a  Clamshell Luffing Jib dredge, in Siberia, Russia which is being used to support Russia’s construction development.

Rohr Dredge Continues Its Market Expansion

In addition, Rohr Dredge simultaneously started-up another new Gantry Clamshell dredge in Eastern Europe, with Rohr’s patented Bucket Diagnostic System (BDS) installed to allow the operator to monitor the bucket’s vital functions and maximize its dredging efficiencies.

The dredge was designed to help the customer penetrate a difficult hardened clay layer to reach the rich deposit lying below.

Rohr Dredge Continues Its Market Expansion

This custom-built dredge will extend the life of the client’s existing quarry for many years, saving them from having to make the even larger financial investment that locating a new pit and moving the plant would require.

Rohr Dredge is the world leader in bucket ladder and clamshell dredge applications and technology for the sand & gravel industry, mining, and dam restoration projects. Rohr specializes in deep digging applications up to 150 meters (492 feet) deep.


Press Release, August 30, 2012

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