Russia: General Director Visits Posyet and Zarubino Ports

General Director Visits Posyet and Zarubino Ports

During General Director A.Lavrishchev’s working visit to the Far East on August, 29 2012, he visited sea ports of Posyet and Zarubino, where was acquainted with the operation of the Vladivostok Branch’s separate structural subdivisions.

He also paticipated several working meetings with Torgoviy Port Posyet, PC and Mechel, PC representatives on issues of the FSUE “Rosmorport” and Mechel, PC cooperation in the sea port of Posyet futher development.

On the Aluet vessel board Lavrishchev and his accompanying persons inspected the Berth №01 construction area and the area of prospert construction of the sea port of Posyet approaching channel. Creation of this channel will allow Panamax-type vessels of capacity up to 60 000 tons and draught up to 13 metres to visit the sea port. It will be conductive to the important growth of coal export showings through the sea port of Posyet.


Press Release, September 4, 2012

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