Singapore: Upgrading Works for POCC-Vista Completed

Upgrading Works for POCC-Vista Completed

Upgrading works for the Port Operations Control Centre at PSA Vista (POCC-Vista) have completed.

The upgrading works were carried out as part of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s (MPA) continuous effort to enhance safety of navigation and the protection of the marine environment in Singapore’s port waters and the Singapore Strait. Mr Lucien Wong, Chairman of MPA, officiated the re-commissioning ceremony to mark the completion of the upgrading works at POCC-Vista this morning.

Started in August 2011, the $10 million upgrading project has not only given the refurbished centre a fresh new look, but equipped it with the next generation Vessel Traffic Information System (VTIS), currently used in the newly commissioned POCC in Changi. The state-of-the-art VTIS is able to integrate data from various sources like radars, Automatic Identification System, Harbour Craft Transponder System, Closed Circuit Television System and ship databases, which will allow MPA’s Vessel Traffic Management (VTM) officers to manage sea traffic operations in a safer and more efficient manner.

The upgraded VTIS has the ability to handle up to 10,000 vessel tracks at any one time, twice the capacity of the VTIS before upgrading works. POCC-Vista now has 18 work stations comprising 30 or 56-inch screens with high-resolution displays and enhanced monitoring functions which can assist VTM officers in detecting potential collisions and grounding situations, and facilitate timely provision of information and warnings to ships.

In his re-commissioning speech, Mr Lucien Wong highlighted the importance of navigational safety in Singapore’s busy port waters. “Demands on our port and shipping lanes will continue to grow as maritime trade increases. To enhance navigational safety, Singapore is always looking to invest in technologies that improve the capabilities of the systems in our POCCs. The upgrading of POCC-Vista underscores Singapore’s commitment to the maritime community and partners in providing maritime safety,” says Mr Wong.

With the upgraded POCC-Vista, vessel traffic management operations will henceforth be conducted at POCC-Vista and POCC-Changi. The two centres will be manned round the clock and are fully integrated to serve as a mutual back-up system to each other. Each centre is independently equipped to assume control of all operational areas in times of an emergency affecting one centre.


Press Release, September 5, 2012