USA: DredgeFest Approaches

DredgeFest Approaches

The Festival of Dredge in New York is a symposium about the human acceleration of sediments, the technologies and techniques developed for this purpose. This event is scheduled for September 28-29, 2012.

The techniques of dredging, and the galaxy of technologies that surround it, constitute perhaps the greatest unrecognized landscape architecture project in the world.

Moreover, dredging, the mechanized transport of underwater sediments, is a key moment in a wider cycle of linked activities through which humans act as intentional and unintentional geologic agents, accelerating and decelerating the movement of silts, sands, and clays.

DredgeFest will be a heady mixture of scientific knowledge, technical expertise, architectural theory and heavy machinery, intended for anyone who is interested in the functional and generative role of dredging and other sediment-handling techniques in the life of an estuarine metropolis like New York City. It will be an encounter between corporate practitioners, government agencies, designers, theorists, industry experts, and the public.



Dredging Today Staff, September 6, 2012