Egypt: Transport Minister Urges Damietta Port Dredging

Transport Minister Urges Damietta Port Dredging

Dr. Rashad Al Matainy Transport Minister said that he will take all steps and actions that lead to solving problems of Damietta Port, completing plans to develop the port and deepening the waterway and strengthening quays to receive ships of new generations.

The minister pointed out during his meeting with members of the Transport and Communications Committee in Shura Council, headed by Mohammad Sadiq, in the presence of Adm. Sami Suleiman chairman of Damietta Port and Mr / Mohammed Aldenjawy Shura Council member of Damietta and a member of the Transportation Committee, that the access channel of Damietta Port will cost 400 million pounds, and strengthening of container berth costs up to 800 million pounds to send a reassuring message to the shipping lines contracted with the company.


Dredging Today Staff, September 17, 2012; Image: eldawliaco