The Netherlands: Acta Marine Expands Fleet with Damen Shoalbusters

Acta Marine Expands Fleet with Damen Shoalbusters

Damen Shipyards Group will be supplying Acta Marine with four Shoalbuster anchor handling tugs.

Three of the anchor handling tugs will be supplied from Damen Marine Services’ charter fleet, while Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld will be supplying the fourth, a new Shoalbuster, in March 2013.

Shoalbusters are excellent multi-purpose vessels that we will be able to use all over the world in dredging and marine contracting projects, as well as for oil and gas projects and offshore wind projects”, says Govert-Jan van Oord, managing director of Acta Marine.

The DMS Eagle and DMS Globe are Shoalbuster 2609s that will be deployed in the Persian Golf as they were before. The DMS Dunnock and the new ship are larger, 3,300 horsepower units and a bollard pull of 45-50 tons. These latter two vessels are the sister ships of the Coastal Vanguard, which Acta Marine purchased from Damen at the end of 2010. The DMS Dunnock will be transferred in Singapore in January 2013, putting the ship in an excellent location to take on charter assignments in Southeast Asia and Australia. The new Shoalbuster is currently under construction in the Netherlands and will be delivered in March 2013. All Shoalbusters are built by Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld.

Acta Marine

Acta Marine is an independent maritime services provider based in the Netherlands. The company owns and operates more than 40 vessels. “This transaction with Damen will mean a significant expansion of our fleet and will bolster our position as a leading operator of multi-purpose vessels”, according to Govert-Jan van Oord.


Press Release, September 27, 2012; Image: Damen