Dominican Republic: Dredging at Santo Domingo Port Underway

The Sans Souci Ports, together with the dredging company Codralux, are cleaning the Santo Domingo Port access channel.

This project should haul away as much as 150,000 cubic meters of sediment and trash within 15 days.

60% of the river’s waste are sediments from mudslides, household waste, industrial chemicals, feces and from illegal construction; 30% is plastic, while the remaining 10% is runoff debris, industries and people who dump trash directly to the Ozama and Isabela rivers,” said Codralux executive Amaury Romero.

According to, the Codralux uses high-tech equipment including a self-propelled dredger, and then they transport the dredged material to the areas approved by the Environment Ministry and the Navy.


Dredging Today Staff, October 1, 2012

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