New Dredgers to Join DCI’s Fleet (India)

New Dredgers to Join DCI's Fleet

During the last financial year, aging dredgers have dragged the performance of Dredging Corporation of India (DCI).

DCI announces significant erosion in net profit to Rs 13 crore for the year ended March 31 against Rs 40 crore in the previous year, according to

Of the 10 trailer suction dredgers that DCI owns, seven are over 20 years and the oldest is 37 years.

To enhance the available capacity, the company has taken steps to procure new dredging vessels.

New dredgers

The first of the three trailer suction hopper dredgers of 5,500 cu m hopper capacity is scheduled to join the fleet in December, reports

The remaining two dredgers will join DCI’s fleet in July 2013 and February 2014.


Dredging Today Staff, October 1, 2012; Image: DCI