Navgathi Marine: Two Cutter Suction Dredgers Delivered (India)

Two Cutter Suction Dredgers Delivered

It was a momentous occasion for Navgathi Marine Design & Constructions Pvt Ltd, with the successful delivery of two cutter suction dredgers for Irrigation Department, Kerala State.

The dredgers were contracted to KSINC for construction and the work was done by APM Marine.

Navgathi Marine Design did the complete design of the dredger from basic design to production design and also provided technical support during construction. The compact dredger is designed to operate in shallow and narrow waters. All the controls are centrally located for ease of use.

The entire system is run on a centrally located hydraulic system with a pump driven by the engine. The vessel is designed as per the requirements of IRS Classification Society.

Marine grade steel, surface preparation, coating and equipments are used for longer life under the harsh operating condition

Navgathi developed the design after an extensive market survey on the type of vessels in the Kerala waters and the operational issues associated with them.

Principal Particulars:

Length overall (LOA) – 16.00 m

Length of pontoon – 11.50 m

Breadth moulded – 3.5 m

Depth moulded – 1.25 m

Draught moulded – 0.7 m

Maximum dredging depth – 6 m

Spud length – 9 m

Diameter of discharge pipe – 300 mm

Diameter of suction pipe – 355 mm

Engine – Caterpillar 3460C: 298 KW (400 BHP) @ 1800 rpm

Main Pump – Metso HG 250S: 750 cu.m/h.


Press Release, October 11, 2012