USA: DSC Delivers Its First Dustpan Dredger to Loup Power District


DSC Delivers Its First Dustpan Dredger to Loup Power District

A milestone event took place at the Genoa Headworks when a new dredge, the Pawnee II was brought into service.

This event is the culmination of many years of planning. The Pawnee II replaces the original dredge, the Pawnee, which has been in operation since the District began operations over 75 years ago.

An important tool in District operations, the dredge removes sand and sediment from the settling basin at the Headworks allowing water to flow into the Loup Power Canal to the powerhouses at Monroe and Columbus for generation of electricity. Due to its advancing age, the original Pawnee had become increasingly difficult to maintain, so it was time to replace it.

The new dredge was built by Dredging Supply Company, Inc., (DSC) of Reserve, Louisiana. DSC manufactured and procured the individual components for the dredge at their plant in Louisiana. The components were then shipped to the Genoa Headworks for the final assembly and commissioning. DSC personnel constructed the dredge and then conducted training for the Loup dredge operators.

The Pawnee II is utilizing the existing ancillary equipment at the Headworks, including the piping system for hauling sediment and water to the sand management areas and the electric connections for allowing the dredge pump to operate.

The new dredge is more powerful, efficient, and reliable, thus, allowing a more thorough dredging operation. Also, the Pawnee II features state-of-the-art technology for operating, monitoring, and record keeping for the dredging operation.

In the commissioning process, a thorough inspection of the Pawnee II was conducted utilizing an extensive testing process covering all aspects of construction and operation of the vessel. Having successfully completed the commissioning process, the Pawnee II is now ready to begin the late summer dredging season.


Press Release, October 23, 2012