Intermodal Europe 2012: Focus on JadeWeserPort (Germany)

Focus on JadeWeserPort

JadeWeserPort, Germany’s first deep water container port, started operation on 21 September 2012 and will be the focus of a case study at Intermodal Europe 2012.

The most important feature of the newly opened JadeWeserPort is the tide independent 18 metre depth that enables JadeWeserPort to call ultra large container ships at any time” says Dr. Jan Miller, CEO of JadeWeserPort Logistics Zone GmbH & Co KG.We are the only port in Germany to offer this condition and the Port of Rotterdam is the only other with comparable depth in Europe.” JadeWeserPort is equipped to receive large container ships from Asia, up to a size of 18,000 TEU.

JadeWeserPort is also the only reputable port in Europe to have, directly adjacent, 160 hectares of industrial development space available for logistic companies of any kind. A further 400 hectares are available on demand for a medium term extension of this logistics zone.

The JadeWeserPort provides a high-capacity 16-track marshalling yard and a 6-track intermodal terminal for combined transport (CT) as well as a direct motorway connection ending 500 metres from the pier, so that any transport by rail, sea and road can be quickly and easily serviced.

While waterways provide an excellent method of transportation where they are available, the Rhine serves Western Germany well for example, for the rest of the world and for the rest of Europe, a combination of road and rail is very important.” says Rüdiger Beckmann, sales manager of JadeWeserPort Logistics Zone.

Intermodal Europe 2012 will be an excellent opportunity to talk about the new port according to Rüdiger. “We attended the last two Intermodal Europe events and there has been a great deal of interest, not just from the German market but from various internationals as well” he says. “I imagine there will be even more interest this year, following the successful launch of the port.”

The opening of JadeWeserPort has been eagerly anticipated, with Intermodal Europe 2012 dedicating a conference session to it, titled ‘JadeWeserPort Road, Rail and Short Sea Transport’.

Described by Intermodal Europe 2012 as a ‘key update session on the progress of the new JadeWeserPort’, the session will feature all the key players including the port, terminal operators, shipping lines and logistics providers, looking at various intermodal transportation methods.


Press Release, October 29, 2012