India: CMC Meeting Focuses on Swarna River Dredging

CMC Meeting Focuses on Swarna River Dredging

Dredging of Swarna River to save water for summer is a prominent issue in the district“, said CMC president Kiran Kumar, in the City Municipal Council (CMC) meeting held on Wednesday, October 31.

Dredging work is usually carried out between October and January and this year, it is already late. The problem is with some local people and dredging workers. No one comes forward to do the work. The usage of the Swarna water is not limited to the city but has been extended to the panchayats too. A decision on this issue will be taken soon,” he said.

Shopkeepers and other retail vendors in Malpe port come under CMC or Malpe Beach development committee.

Gokul Das Nayak (CMC commissioner) said that apart from the DC, MLA and CMC president, five nearby ward members and some fisheries organizations are included in the committee. The committee was organized for the administration of Malpe and St Mary’s Island. The income is from boating and other activities. All adventure sports are carried out only after the port officer issues a certificate and after its security and safety is assured.

Rs 50 lac has been allotted for the uplifting of the beach area and the CMC is planning to take out all the petty shops of the beach soon and 10 lac would be invested for building 20 to 30 furnished shops.

Kiran Kumar said that 115 to 125 street shops have been removed recently, but again the number of such shops have increased.He also added that strict action will be taken against it and if at all any wholesale shop supports them, they will be punished and their license will be cancelled.

The venture of Udupi CMC to ban plastic has been a successful measure“, said Kiran Kumar. “The decision has been taken in order to protect the beauty of and maintain a healthy atmosphere in Udupi,” he added.

Leader of the Opposition in the CMC, Jayananda, said that the AC town hall is very expensive and for cultural programmes, the tariff should be less.


Source: Daijiworld Media Network, November 2, 2012