The Netherlands: Formaco, Irizar Forge Ink Contract

Formaco, Irizar Forge Ink Contract

The Dutch company Formaco, which has been active for more than 15 years in the Dutch and Belgian market with primarily heavy quality forging- and casting works, recently signed a contract with the Spanish forge Irizar Forge from the Basque Country for the exclusive sale of special forged lifting hooks, crane lifting blocks and compositions thereof.

According to general manager Robert Heester, the collaboration totally fits in the pursuit of Formaco to be able to offer a total package in the field of specialized heavy casting- and forging works for offshore, shipbuilding, the dredging industry, machinery, pumps, construction, the petrochemical industry and builders of hoisting machines.

“We missed this package in our overall picture: high quality forged and processed lifting hooks and composite crane lifting blocks with a high lifting capacity,” according to Robert Heester. “With the collaboration with the Spanish family company Irizar Forge, we can now offer this package to our customers. Irizar – hooks are manufactured for a lifting capacity and anchoring up to 1500 tons S.W.L. (Safe Working Load) and a forging weight of 9000 kg. The S.W.L. will even be extended to 4000 tons as from 2015, with a forging weight up to 20 000 kg.”

Formaco, Irizar Forge

Irizar Forge

The Irizar Forge family business with more than 50 employees, founded in the Basque Country, Spain, in 1923, has been a market leader for heavy lifting products for 3 generations. Fifty percent of the turnover is achieved with standardized lifting hooks, as described in the German DIN Standard DIN 15400 series in Class 250. The other fifty percent is achieved with the delivery of all kinds of forged specials and assemblies. In addition to the standard lifting hooks, larger and special hooks, other than specified in the DIN standard, also belong to the supply package.

Despite the recession, the company, with a current annual turnover of € 15 million and with an export share of 95%, has especially become a major global player in recent years. The company delivered traditionally to customers in Europe; currently the special lifting hooks, crane lifting blocks and compounds are especially sold in the USA and Brazil. The company, which is fully certified in virtually any field, is currently undergoing an investment process where even greater forged products, especially for the offshore, can be supplied.


Robert Heester: “Of course there is competition, in particular from manufacturers from Germany and Italy, but also from China, especially since casting is simply cheaper than forging. However, you see a shift from cast to forged lifting hooks currently, partly due to the higher safety requirements. It is true that forged lifting hooks are more expensive, but the quality of forgings is many times higher than cast hooks, due to the greater homogeneity in the material. Especially in the Netherlands customers want to get the most out of the material as it concerns heavy duty applications. The requirements are therefore also extremely high; companies from China cannot comply with these requirements. The forged products of Irizar Forge, however, do comply with these high and strict requirements, which is why we are pleased to be working with the Spanish company for our demanding Dutch and Belgian customers.”

Formaco B.V.

Meanwhile, the turnover of Formaco has grown enormously this year. According to Robert Heester, it is mainly due to the added value that Formaco can offer to its customers. “Our project engineers have accumulated vast specialist knowledge during the 15 years that we have been on the market. We support customers in the technical structure of the specifications and provide direction to the producers for a proper transfer of the demand packages. We stand behind our appointments, from the first contact, at the request and offer process, during the production cycle and at the delivery of the contract, right up to the after sales service. Our clientele, who can be found in the shipbuilding sector, offshore, the hydraulic industry, the petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, the dredging industry, pump building and hoisting equipment, make good use of this. The specialist lifting hooks and other forged products by Irizar Forge fit in perfectly with our range of products: heavy casting- and forging works, which you cannot outsource in the Netherlands. We act as mediator, apparently with success,” according to Heester.


Press Release, November 5, 2012