Italy: Dragflow Delivers New Remote Controlled Dredger

Dragflow Delivers New Remote Controlled Dredger

Dragflow recently delivered for an industrial plant in Parma (Italy) one product from its new line of remote controlled dredges.

The innovative system has been completely designed, manufactured and tested by Dragflow’s technicians and engineers in the Italian manufacturing plant in Verona in order to assure the reliability and functionality of the product.

Cleaning ponds has never been so easy and efficient: the new electric dredge is designed to fit in 20″ feet container, it is ready to use and it requires less human labour than any other dredging system; that means lower operational costs and safer operations, no humans are needed onto the barge. Instant view of working depth and pump load allow an excellent control of dredging activities.


Dragflow’s innovative automated dredge guarantee high solid content, up to 70% concentration by weight, and a production up to 600m3 per hour. The new system can reach a maximum discharge distance of 900 meters from the dredging point and it’s designed for a working depth up to 20 meters below the waterline, with a power from 5 to 120 HP. Dragflow gives also the possibility to integrate the product with GPS, in order to keep track of working activities.


Dragflow’s purpose is to become a reference point on remote controlled dredge systems thanks to its consolidated know-how: two machines have already been delivered and a new bigger remote controlled dredge is ready to be shipped to Canada in the upcoming weeks.


Press Release, November 13, 2012