BCWID Announces Updates on Lake Brownwood Dredging (USA)

BCWID Announces Updates on Lake Brownwood Dredging

BCWID General Manager Dennis Spinks gave a report Tuesday night at their board of directors meeting regarding current dredging projects at Lake Brownwood, reports brownwoodnews.com.

We currently have 8 permits to dredge that have been turned back in,” Spinks said. “At this point there are three of them that are finished, three in progress, and two waiting to start.“

Spinks said that there are also several others owners inquiring into dredging at this time.

“There is some interest, not as much interest in dredging as what I anticipated because of the amount of comments I have had, but we still have quite a few projects ongoing,” Spinks said.

Spinks also said that the largest dredging project took place in Turner Bay, and that most of the other dredging was on a much smaller scale, mostly because of cost.

That is the big reason we haven’t had a hundred requests for permits because when they actually get down to it, the cost is a lot more than what they thought,” Spinks said.


Dredging Today Staff, November 15, 2012