RESON Provides SeaBat 7125 to New Breakwater System (Denmark)

RESON Provides SeaBat 7125 to New Breakwater System

RESON has provided its advanced multibeam sonar system, the SeaBat 7125, to a new breakwater mapping system called GEOSUB 3DTM developed by the company MESURIS in France.

The system is a high resolution 3D real time bathymetric and topographic system designed to provide marine engineering data both above and below water surface deployable either from a land or barge crane.

MESURIS decided to use RESON’s SeaBat 7125 as the sonar for the GEOSUB 3DTM system because it combines beam density, high ping rates and extremely high resolution data which is required to optimize underwater work. Also, it reduces work duration with cost effectiveness and quality. The unique aspect about the GEOSUB 3DTM system is that it does not require a dedicated survey vessel. The instrumented frame is suspended at crane hook and is deployed into the water a few minutes every time it is necessary to evaluate the work progress.

“We started integrating RESON’s multibeam systems 13 years ago and we consider it the best proven choice for system reliability and data purity required for this new innovative real time survey solution for marine worksites”, says MESURIS’ CEO, Alain Mouquet. On the other hand, RESON already pioneer the breakwater mapping and visualization market.

“We are looking forward to providing a SeaBats solution to the GEOSUB 3DTM systems and strive to grow this revolutionary development in the breakwater construction market”, says Henrik Pedersen, RESON Sales Manager for South West Europe.

In January, the GEOSUB 3DTM system will be used for the first time in a project involving hydraulic rock excavation at a nuclear plant in France. MESURIS has so far bought five SeaBat 7125 from RESON and plans to buy more in the future.


Press Release, November 19, 2012