Taiwan: Port of Kaohsiung Development Moves Ahead

Port of Kaohsiung Development Moves Ahead

6th Container Terminal Wharves 108 and 109, part of Port of Kaohsiung’s new Intercontinental Container Terminal (ICT) complex, began formal operations in January 2011.

Handling a combined 1.06 million TEU in 2011, the two wharves have already handled 0.72 million TEU as of the end of August this year (2012). Phase-2 projects now under construction include two new container wharves (110 and 111), the CY-3 container yard, and various support buildings and infrastructures.

Phase-2 work is scheduled for completion by June 2014, with the new facilities expected to significantly expand the port’s container handling capabilities and effectiveness. Yang Ming Marine Transport subsidiary KMCT signed the agreement to develop the 6th Container Terminal with TIPC Port of Kaohsiung’s predecessor, the Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau, in September 2007.

The agreement, covering 74.8 hectares of land, calls for the construction of four new container wharves (108~111), 1,500 meters of new waterline, maintained water depths of 16 meters and container yards stretching 475 meters behind wharves. The agreement will further construct yard facilities, consolidation sheds, offices, maintenance facilities, port operation facilities, control / access facilities, fuel stations, vehicle parking lots, barrier fences and other supporting infrastructures.


Press Release, November 22, 2012

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