Minister Accused of Illegal Dredging Contracts (Thailand)

Deputy Interior Minister Chatt Kuldiloke was accused for illegal approval of dredging projects during yesterday’s debate, reports nationmultimedia.

Democrat MP for Songkhla, Thaworn Senneam, doubts the correctness of the decision on the dredging projects during the flood-prevention efforts last year, considering that the bidding process did not adhere to legal obligations.

The standard electronic-auction process was replaced by a special bidding process.

Minister Kuldiloke justified this step by the fact that the decision was made due to a situation that necessitated a quick response. Interior Minister supervised the Marine Department’s implementation of the 26 projects in seven river basins, and approved the bidding results of 16 projects, reports bangkokpost.

According to Mr Thaworn the bidding process was made without considering bids from all interested parties.

Chatt did not respond to these accusations.


Dredging Today Staff, November 26, 2012