Corps Introduces DMCA 14A Raise Back Dike Plan (USA)

Corps Introduces DMCA 14A Raise Back Dike Plan

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District, has introduced plan for the Savannah Harbor DMCA 14A Back Dike Raising, Jasper County, South Carolina.

The scope of work for this project includes the raising of one containment dike of the dredge material containment area (DMCA) 14A.

The containment dike, also known as the back dike, spans a length of 8,500 feet connecting the 13B/14A and 14A/14B cross-dikes on the north-eastern side of the containment area. The crest of the back dike is currently at an elevation ranging from 18 to 20 feet MLLW.

The raising will be constructed toward the inside of the containment area and will bring the crest elevation up to a consistent elevation of 23 feet MLLW. The design also includes a stability berm/counterweight on the inside toe of the new dike and the use of geotextile material under the counterweight footprint.

Approximately 260,000 cubic yards of fill material and 60,000 square yards of geotextile will be required for the raising. This estimate includes the volume required to fill the template and accounts for any settlement that will occur during construction.


Dredging Today Staff, November 29, 2012; Image: usace