UK: ADBP Presents Innovations to Dredging Industry

ADBP Presents Innovations to Dredging Industry

Anthony D Bates Partnership (ADBP) have continued presenting innovative, informative material to the dredging and harbour industry.

Firstly, a talk was prepared and presented to the UK Harbour Masters Association entitled “Thinking inside the box”. This talk outlined a new service offered by ADBP which questions the traditional design of a rectangular berth box, preferring to base the design on the characteristics of both the current and potential trade vessels and the inherent sedimentation regime. The presentation was based on recent berth box rationalisations reports completed by ADBP for several Oil and Gas operators within Milford Haven Port. The results of these reports had significant positive impact on both advertised control depths and the potential trade volumes attainable.

Another talk was given to the delegates of the Promoting Integrated Sediment Management (PRISMA) initiative entitled “The Feasibility of Maintenance Dredge Material as a Commercial Manufactured Topsoil Product”. One of the major obstacles in maximizing beneficial use of dredge material is the identification of feasible uses of maintenance dredge material. Developing product based beneficial uses are the solution with greatest potential as they may match an annual destination with the annual dredging programme. However, to produce an on-going product from the regular maintenance dredging campaigns it must be able to compete with current market sources and therefore must be of comparable quality, price and comply with the required standards. Therefore, this presentation outlined research undertaken on the feasibility of producing a manufactured topsoil product, utilising maintenance dredge material and organic household waste, through integration into an annual maintenance dredging programme.

Both talks were very well received by the relevant attendees. ADBP also continue their work with the International Association of Dredging Companies in promoting awareness of the Dredging Industry and also highlighting the merits of a career in the Dredging Industry to the graduates of Universities in Ireland and the UK. In October several universities were visited in Cork, Ireland and Glasgow, Scotland. The November programme includes presentations at Universities in the cities of both Liverpool and London.


Press Release, November 30, 2012

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