Deltares Estimates Costs and Benefits of Flood Risk Strategies

Deltares Estimates Costs and Benefits of Flood Risk Strategies

Deltares contributes considerably to the development of an improved European climate change adaption policy.

For this purpose, the European research project BASE (Bottom-up climate Adaptation Strategies for Europe) has recently been set up. Its objective is to enhance the knowledge on the benefits and costs of adaptation on a European level.

In contrast to previous studies, this project uses not only large-scale models to make estimates, it also makes estimates based on case studies in various sectors and at various scale levels. The European Commission believes that this will result in a better estimation of the costs and benefits of adaption.

Deltares is involved in three work packages. Deltares estimates the costs and benefits of flood risk management strategies using our Deltares models. In addition, Deltares contributes to the work package case studies through the Dutch Delta Programme Rijnmond-Drecht cities (focus on flood risks) and Lake IJssel (focus on ecosystem services) and a still to be determined case study in South East Asia. To conclude, Deltares is in charge of the work package in which model results and case studies results are being integrated.

Climate change adaptation strategies will play an important role in this work package. These strategies will be developed for various economically and socially relevant sectors (including agriculture, water, environment, health) and on different scale levels (from local to European). The climate change adaptation strategies will form the cornerstone of the development of the policy on the adaptation to climate change in Europe.


Press Release, December 5, 2012