Jammu and Kashmir: Srinagar’s Channel Condition Causes Concern

Srinagar's Channel Condition Causes Concern

An ancient flood channel in Srinagar has become dysfunctional despite the state government sanctioning the release of funds for its restoration and other water bodies of the valley.

The channel is a virtual desert in the wake of the dredging process being discontinued. It is a home for animals due to government apathy.

Qazi Niyaz, a local resident, said: “There has been a flood on two or three occasions, after which, there was a proposal that there would be dredging in all the channels in Kashmir. The previous government in the state created new divisions, so the work did begin. I don’t know whether Omar Abdullah (Chief Minister) is concerned or not, but what is exactly happening we do not know.

Javed Jaffer, Chief Engineer, Irrigation and Flood Control, Jammu and Kashmir, said: “We completed the programme, as per the provisions. There is still some work, which is on. But the 2200 crore programme which will have a complete funding, we are taking it again and the discharge will increase from 9,000 to 25,000 cusecs.”

The Irrigation and Flood Control Department had sent Rs. 2000 crore project to the Ministry of Water Resources for sanction. The project included restoration work including improvement of Jhelum’s existing dredging of outfall channels, protection and anti-erosion works and increasing hydraulic efficiency.

However, the ministry had approved only a part of the project costing Rs. 97 crores to facilitate immediate interventions including procurement of machines and dredging in Jhelum, particularly of its flood spill channels in Srinagar and outflow stream at Daubgah and Ningli in Baramulla District.


Source: ANI, December 17, 2012