Norway: Reef Subsea Completes Project for A/S Norske Shell

Reef Subsea Completes Project for A S Norske Shell

Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation announced today they have recently completed a fast track project for A/S Norske Shell on the Ormen Lange Mid North Development.

From the initial seabed preparation contract, the company was awarded significant additional work on the project which lasted six months to the full satisfaction of the client. It was the maiden project of the new Scanmachine 4.

The scope of work carried out by Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation (Scanmudring AS) included seabed remediation work, dredging of curved pipe lay profiles, levelling of the seabed for future installations, and the removal of drill mud for tie-in to the template. The company used the Scanmachine 4, which is the new generation of the highly experienced tool carrier developed and operated by Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation. The water depth, the challenging seabed conditions and the high precision required in achieving the work proved ideal for the tool’s carrier capabilities.

The project was directly contracted by A/S Norske Shell, and the work was performed from the Subsea 7 operated vessel Far Saga, as well as Ocean Installer operated Normand Clipper.

It was the maiden voyage for the Scanmachine 4, which was available from January this year. Its flexible tool configuration has proven reliability and ability to perform seabed intervention work at a water depth of up to 1000m in the Ormen Lange field, which is known for its challenging seabed conditions. The Scanmachine 4 can operate in depths up to 2500m and boasts a new generation control system to achieve high precision monitoring.

Niels-Henrik Brodtkorb, Managing Director of Reef Subsea Dredging and Excavation, said: “We are delighted with the success of the Scanmachine 4 in the Ormen Lange challenging subsea gas field and the professionalism of our team, resulting in an outstanding completion of the project to the full satisfaction of our client. The Scanmachine 4, suitable for worldwide operations, has already found her market in one of the deepest and most demanding fields of the North Sea. It is the best tool on the market for such precise operations. With the success of its maiden project with A/S Norske Shell, our new system has proven its capabilities in the field and demonstrated its benefits in all seabed operations, regardless of terrain. We expect our Scanmachine 4 to be attractive to all our clients around the world.”

Christian Aas, Regional Director Norway for Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation, commented: “This Project is for us a typical example of the experience and dedication of our team to our client’s satisfaction. They have been able to respond to the Project requests, and operated the new Scanmachine in tough conditions in a safe and effective manner. There were neither injuries nor damages during the six-month project. The extension of the initial scope allowed us to demonstrate that the Scanmachine supersedes other more expensive solutions of seabed preparation”.

Reef Subsea Dredging & Excavation is the new dredging and controlled flow excavation organisation formed after the integration of Scanmudring and Rotech Subsea. An independent world leader providing subsea excavation and dredging solutions through vessels’ contractors to benefit operators and contractors worldwide. They offer a one stop shop service with the largest range of seabed services in relation to dredging, deburial and lowering of pipelines and cables, decommissioning and seabed preparation. The fleet of equipment comprises: Controlled Flow Excavators, Scanmachines, Scandredges, Scancrawler, Hydraulic Grabb and Scanrovdredges. Services from RSDE are available for vessel-contractors from their locations in Aberdeen, Mandal, Houston and Singapore.


Press Release, December 17, 2012