Deltares Inks “Partners for International Business Bodem China” Agreement

Deltares Inks Partners for International Business Bodem China Agreement

On Monday, 17 December, Deltares, together with a number of other Dutch companies, signed the ‘Partners for International Business Bodem China’ agreement.

The aim of the agreement is to encourage, with support from the Dutch government, the involvement of Dutch companies in the Chinese soil remediation, and soil and groundwater, markets.

There will be collaboration with Chinese partners. Over the next three years, through a range of activities, the aim will be to convince Chinese government authorities, research institutions and companies of the value of Dutch innovative solutions for soil remediation.

The numerous contacts that have been established in recent years with Chinese central and local government authorities constitute a sound basis for ‘reaping the harvest’ in the years to come.

China particularly needs technological know-how and the leading focus of this programme will therefore be on technology for soil remediation. On that basis, the importance of consultancy and expertise can be marketed.

The ultimate aim is to supply a total solution involving both technology and consultancy. To establish a sound basis for further development and the market opportunities afforded by consultancy and technology, it will be necessary to keep on establishing contacts between the companies and government authorities.

Alongside Deltares, Tauw, Witteveen+Bos, Boskalis, Eijkelkamp, Damendredging, Ambient and TTE are also parties to the agreement. Other interested companies will be given the opportunity to join the initiative.


Press Release, December 20, 2012

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