Qatar: Dredge Yard Delivers Ball Joint 1000 and 900 to MEDCO

Dredge Yard

Dredge Yard has delivered ball joint 1000 and 900 to MEDCO in Qatar.

The ball joints for the pipes size of 1000 mm are suitable for 30 bar working pressure while the ball joints for the pipes size of 900 mm are suitable for 20 bar working pressure.

All the ball joints have been designed and produced in Dredge Yard’s facilities and with partners in The Republic of Turkey by using latest production technologies and casting expertise. Both types of ball joints undergo thoroughly tests and inspections during and after production as simulating working pressure and dredge ball joints movements.

Dredge Yard is making steady progress with the expansion plans for the production and assembly of dredging components needed for dredgers and dredge pipe lines.

The whole production and testing is managed and controlled by Dredge Yard’s team of engineers with vast experience in casting, machining, assembly and inspections. Dredge Yard offers the possibility to the customers to witness any test in Dredge Yard’s production facilities.


Press Release, January 6, 2012