USA: Corps Announces Delaware River Dredging Plan

Corps Announces Delaware River Dredging Plan

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has announced a plan for the dredging project within the Delaware River and the placement of beachfill material on Broadkill Beach, Delaware.

The program details:

– Dredging of the Miah Maull and Brandywine Ranges of the Delaware River main channel from Station 438+200 to Station 512+000;

– Dredging shall be required to a depth of 45 feet MLLW plus 1-foot allowable over depth within the contract work limits;

– The side slope dredging requirements for this project are 3H to 1V within the dredging contract work limits;

– The beachfill work shall include the placement of approximately 1,800,000 cubic yards of dredged material covering a total of approximately 15,000 linear feet of beach;

– Satisfactory beachfill material will be pumped from the Delaware River main channel for nourishment of the existing beach and dune system;

– Installation of new sand fence; the planting of dune grass; and the re-construction of pedestrian, vehicle and handicap dune crossovers;

– Government-furnished borrow area available for use under this contract is the Delaware River main channel located approximately 10 miles off Broadkill Beach.

All material for beachfill work shall be obtained from this approved location only.


Dredging Today Staff, January 9, 2013; Image: usace