Saugatuck State Representative Calls for Dredging (USA)

Record low levels on the Great Lakes and Michigan waterways have Michigan lawmakers’ attention.

Saugatuck State Representative Bob Genetski said with “Pure Michigan” promotions beckoning visitors, it’s important for lakes, rivers and beaches to meet expectations.

“We’re very proud of them but it’s really tough to sell if people can’t pull their boats up,” he stated.

Genetski and Stevensville’s Al Pscholka co-sponsored a bill that seeks MDNRTF support for dredging.

Genetski said he’s encouraged that there are conversations about finding the money to get the work done before summer tourists arrive.

I know it’s cold now but the Governor mentioned dredging in his State of the State speech, I’m very excited about a lot of the talk around Lansing,” concluded Genetski.


Source: rock1017fm, January 25, 2013