Taylor Engineering: Lake Apopka Dredging Preliminary Design (USA)

Lake Apopka Dredging Preliminary Design

A deep layer of organic mud covers the bottom of Lake Apopka near the Winter Garden boat ramp and most of the lake bottom.

This mud layer creates shoreline water depths too shallow for boaters to navigate without disturbing the mud layer. Suspended mud sediments cause two undesirable consequences: the presence of malodorous and aesthetically displeasing black plumes of mud, and damage to boat motor cooling systems from mud entrained in outboard engines.

As a remedy to the sedimentation problems near the boat ramp, Taylor Engineering will assess the feasibility of four alternatives — dredging only, dredging plus a brush barrier, dredging plus a geotextile barrier, and a sheet pile barrier instead of the geotextile.


Press Release, February 14, 2013