France: Contractor Sought for Port of Pornichet Dredging

CCI Nantes Saint-Nazaire has invited bidders for the dredging works in the main channel to the Port of Pornichet.

These works include a basic solution, two variant solutions and two options:

– The basic solution is to dredge 35,000 m3 of sediment by hydraulic means, with the discharge of sediment to a discharge point located 2.5kms offshore;

– Solution variant 1 consists of dredging 35,000 m3 of sediment and dumping it at a disposal site located 6.5kms offshore;

– Option 1 is to handle a volume of 1,000 m3 of sediment which may contain hydrocarbons, for an in-situ upgrading to form embankments to create a confinement area within a median;

– Option 2 is to evacuate a volume of 1000 m3 of sediment likely to contain hydrocarbons to a centre of non-hazardous waste storage.

– Options 1 or 2 may complement the basic solution, or the Option 1 solution.

The two alternative solutions are to dredge and then treat 35,000 m3 of sediment which is likely to contain hydrocarbons.

The deadline for this tender is March 5, 2013.


Dredging Today Staff, February 22, 2013