Mayor’s Update on Ocean City Beach Replenishment (USA)

Mayor's Update on Ocean City Beach Replenishment

The following is the “Mayor’s Update”, an open letter to Ocean City taxpayers from Mayor Jay Gillian:

“One week ago, I submitted my administration’s budget to City Council. It is a responsible and sound plan that maintains service levels at a reasonable cost to the taxpayers.

Earlier this year, with City Council’s input, we cooperatively developed a responsible capital plan that provides investment and upgrades to our entire island with a strong concentration on road and drainage improvements.

And while sand pumping begins at Beach Road, we continue to work with the Army Corps of Engineers and the State of New Jersey to find solutions for a comprehensive island-long beachfill project. I would like to thank our residents, second homeowners, business owners and visitors who have submitted letters to legislators in support of an entire island beachfill project.

It is by positively working together that we will accomplish this project.

My administration is considering every option to add sand to all beaches in town. At the same time, we continue to restore the dunes damaged by Sandy. I am doing everything within my power to include the entire island in the replenishment project. However, this is a project with several partners working collaboratively.

In the short term, we will continue to harvest and truck sand to areas of need, as we have for years. Simultaneously, we will continue to communicate our needs to the Army Corps, state officials and federal legislators to ensure our homes are protected and our tourism season is the best ever.

I ask that everyone concerned with beachfill continue to contact legislators and state officials. Please remain positive, because if we work together as one community, we will accomplish our goal.”


Source: oceancity, February 25, 2013