Republic of Congo Introduces Dredging Equipment Plan

Republic of Congo Introduces Dredging Equipment Plan.

EDF National Authorising Officer in the Republic of Congo has introduced a plan for the supply of the dredging equipment and machinery.

The joint navigable waterways maintenance service is an economic interest grouping set up by the Central African Republic and the Republic of Congo.

Its aim is to guarantee favourable navigation conditions on the Congolese branch of the Pool, the Oubangui and the Sangha rivers by carrying out marking, dredging and rock-clearing works.

The aim of this contract is the supply, manufacture, delivery, assembly and commissioning by the successful tenderer of equipment for dredging machinery (motors, pumps and accessories, hoses, floats, joints) in 4 lots, to be delivered to the economic interest grouping for the joint navigable waterways maintenance service, located at Port Beach in Brazzaville.


Dredging Today Staff, March 1, 2013