USA: Hannibal Marina Dredging Kicks Off

Hannibal Marina Dredging Kicks Off

The dredging of Hannibal’s Nipper Park Marina officially got underway last week.

This work started despite the fact a portion of the marina is covered in ice and the area through which drainage pipes are laid in Nipper Park is still covered with snow.

The project was undertaken because in some areas around the boat slips and covered docks there’s only a few inches of water, or dry ground is visible.

At 10 feet, which is normal pool level, there should be a depth of from 5 to 6 feet in the marina.

The Parks Department is paying $81,250 to IWS Dredging to remove approximately 5,000 cubic yards of silt. The focus of the removal is in the boat slip area.

That work will enable the marina to continue operating through the upcoming 2013 boating season.

The plan now is for the marina’s covered dock and slips to be removed at some point in the fall. The Park Board and Council both approved taking that action in late 2011.


Source:, March 12, 2013