VIDEO: Monitor Gun at Work on TSHD “St. Pierre”

Monitor Gun at Work on TSHD St. Pierre

This video shows the newly developed Monitor Gun, designed by HollandMT Dredge Parts BV, operating on the TSHD “St. Pierre”.

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Holland Marine Technologies BV is an engineering & supply company serving international dredging contractors.

HollandMT provides a wide range of services and products, the company’s core activities include the following expertise:

  • Dredge consultancy and dredge-ability studies
  • Concept and basic design, as well as detailed engineering of dredgers, dredge systems and parts
  • Supply of dredge systems and parts, in cooperation with dedicated and experienced manufacturing partners
  • Shipyard support services, including tender support services and dredge system integration
  • Outsourcing and procurement services
  • Project supervision, management, QA/QC and technical support services
  • Commissioning, start-up and on-the-job training services
  • After sales, wear and spare parts solutions.

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Dredging Today Staff, March 18, 2013