CCCC Shanghai Dredging Bags Important Deal (China)

CCCC Shanghai Dredging Bags Important Deal

On March 8, CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd. signed a construction contract with the construction headquarters of the approach channel of Yueqing Bay.

With a full length of 45.5 kilometers including a dredging section of 14.34 kilometers, an estimated total investment of 268 million yuan and a construction period of 7 months, the proposed channel will be constructed to accommodate the one-way tide-bound navigation of 100,000t bulk freighters and the two-way tide-bound navigation of 50,000t container carriers.

The project is of great significance to accelerating port resource integration in Yueqing Bay, guiding the distribution of the harbor industry and the upgrading of the port logistics industry in Wenzhou and Taizhou, perfecting south Zhejiang’s port distribution and implementing the strategy of prospering the province through port and shipping operations.


Press Release, March 26, 2013