Indonesia: Officials Met Over Giant Sea Wall Project

Officials Met Over Giant Sea Wall Project

Maritime and Fishery Minister, Sharif Cicip Sutardjo met Jakarta Governor Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo at Jakarta City Hall, Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan on Thursday.

On this occasion, Sutardjo intends to discuss about the concept and permit related with Jakarta Provincial Government’s plan in building a giant sea wall and a reclamation in Jakarta water.

According to Sutardjo, in accordance to Law No. 27/2007, all forms of marine activities must be conducted upon permission given by Maritime and Fishery Ministry. In doing so, hopefully all concepts and activities conducted by Jakarta Government at sea will support Maritime and Fishery programs. “We will adjust the concepts of Jakarta Government so it will be synchronous to the rules and regulations of Maritime and Fishery Ministry. So the concepts will not be the utter opposite of the rules,” told Sutardjo, after his private meeting with Jokowi at Jakarta City Hall, Thursday (3/21).

In the meeting, aside from discussing beach reclamation, they also discussed giant sea embankment construction. “We also discussed giant sea wall so its construction will be carried out in accordance to the statute drafted by Maritime and Fishery Ministry,” explained Sutardjo.

Meanwhile, Jokowi stated he must be cautious in realizing the construction of giant sea wall and conducting beach reclamation. Thus, in the future, he will intensify the communication with Maritime and Fishery Ministry. “The minister warned us to realize our plan by taking heed of the rules, so we will consult further with them,” he furthered.

While for giant sea wall project, is suggested to build an entrance gate as road access towards Muarabaru Port. By so it is hoped not to interfere port operational.

Jokowi acknowledged that the previous leader had issued some permits. One of them is environmental permits. The permit is currently still being synchronized with the current rules.

As reported earlier, Jakarta government plans to build a reclamation or 12 new landscapes on the east coastal of Jakarta. Those will be built through dam and river dredging results. In addition to anticipate sea flood in Jakarta, there will be a giant sea wall by spending Rp 150 trillion for its construction.


Source:, March 28, 2013