Italdraghe Delivers Another BDC 200 Dredging Bucket

The Alternative Way to Dredge

Italdraghe recently delivered another BDC 200 dredging bucket to a Genoa-based company specialising in dredging works and beach replenishment.

The dredging bucket was installed on a CAT excavator that worked from a floating pontoon to dredge sand and silt from within the walls of the harbor of Chiavari in order to create a flat water bed at a depth of 4 metres. The dredged material was discharged via HDPE pipeline 350 metres away in a designated back fill site.


The BDC 200 is just one of a range of Italdraghe dredging buckets designed to fit virtually every type and size of excavator.

This new “mini-dredger” is both compact and efficient thanks to its powerful cutter head and dredging pump, identical to those on full-sized cutter suction dredger.


The Italdraghe dredging bucket offers the following advantages:

– Simple quick-fit installation;

– Low maintenance costs;

– One-man operation;

– Easy to transport;

– Driven by original excavator power source;

– Ideal for hard-to-access stretches of water;

– Guarantees a smoothly cut, flat water bed.


Press Release, March 29, 2013