ADBP Assists Port of Waterford with License Application

ADBP Assists Port of Waterford with License Application

Continuing its long association with the Port of Waterford, Anthony D Bates Partnership (ADBP) are assisting the Port of Waterford in South-East Ireland in their application for a new multi-year disposal at sea license.

The license application covers a range of areas within the port’s limits, including all inner city marina and berths, Belview Port, the main navigation channels and third party areas such as a Power station Jetty and minor harbour approaches.

To comply with a variety of European Directives numerous sampling, testing and investigations are underway in support of the application, including:

-Sampling of dredging locations;

-Physical and chemical testing;

-Radiological Testing;

-Benthic Sampling and Testing;

-Turbidity Monitoring Compilation and Assessment;

-Natura Impact Statement for a full Appropriate Assessment;

-Alternative Dredge Material Management Study; and

-Establish long term sedimentation rate to calculate licensed volumes.

In conjunction with these tasks previous investigations covering a range of relevant topics have been compiled for inclusion in the application. These reports include:

-Multiple Benthic Surveys;

-Multiple Photographic Surveys of the Disposal Site;

-Reports on potential impact on local commercial fauna;

-Dispersions modelling for dredging and disposal;

-Environmental Impact Statements; and

-Dredging Noise Level reports.

The Port of Waterford has primarily used a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger for the past two decades to maintain its advertised depths. Historically, the Port dredges the largest quantity of sediment of any port in the Republic of Ireland. Although, there are several environmental and archaeological restrictions within the port’s limits the dredging is carried out carefully to ensure that any potential negative impact on the local environment is kept to a minimal level.


Press Release, April 4, 2013