Westermost Rough, Borkum Riffgrund 1 Contracts Secured

Westermost Rough, Borkum Riffgrund 1 Contracts Secured

In Belgium, the works on the NORTHWIND offshore wind farm have started while those from C-POWER’S third phase are continuing.

The DEME Group is utilizing various specialized companies from the Group to this end: TIDEWAY Offshore Solutions BV as concerns erosion protection works and cable-laying activities; GEOSEA Geotechnical & Offshore Solutions NV as concerns the foundation works and erection of the wind turbines; and DREDGING INTERNATIONAL Marine & Waterway Solutions NV for general coordination and engineering.

DEME can thus offer an integrated package of services and therefore present a global solution.

For this, a variety of specialized vessels have been mobilized, including the main self-propelled DP2 work platforms ‘NEPTUNE’ and ‘GOLIATH’ as well as the self-propelled DP2 fall pipe vessels ‘FLINTSTONE’ and ‘POMPEI’.

The know-how developed hereby has been successfully applied abroad for a number of years. Recently, GEOSEA was able to add two important new jobs to this list.

Firstly, a new contract in the United Kingdom (U.K.) was secured in Westermost Rough. This concerns a job for the Danish company DONG Energy, the largest operator of offshore wind farms. For this job, GEOSEA will drive 35 large foundation piles. It will utilize the mega jack-up vessel ‘INNOVATION’ starting in the spring of 2014. This will be the first commercial project where the new Siemens 6 MW turbine will be installed.

A subsequent contract for DONG Energy was also secured in Germany in Borkum Riffgrund1. Here GEOSEA will install 77 foundations with scour protection, also in 2014. For driving the piles and installing the transition pieces it will make use of the installation vessel ‘Pacific Orca’ made available by the client. Siemens 3.6 MW turbines will later be installed on these foundations.

These two contracts have assured the growth of GEOSEA in the coming years. Amongst others, they allow GEOSEA to forecast an average yearly turnover of 350 to 400 million EUR in 2013 and 2014.


Press Release, April 11, 2013