CEDA Webinar Approaches (Belgium)

CEDA Webinar Approaches

CEDA has added online seminars to its palette of platforms to exchange knowledge and best practice experience.

The first CEDA Webinar will take place on 23rd of April at 3:00 pm, Europe Summer Time (Brussels).

The impacts of underwater sound on aquatic life have become a very important environmental issue. This is because many forms of marine life such as marine mammals and fish use sound as their primary mode of communication, navigation and in searching for prey.

After a brief introduction to the subject in this webinar participants will learn about:

– Effects of sound on marine life;

– Dredging sound;

– Documented impacts;

– Management of sound impacts via mitigation measures.

The presentation will build on the work of the WODA Expert Group on Underwater Sound.

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Dredging Today Staff, April 16, 2013