Ongoing Port Development Projects Introduced (India)

Ongoing Port Development Projects Introduced

58 port development projects in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode have been awarded up to 31st March, 2013.

Out of these 29 projects have been completed, 16 are at various stages of construction and the remaining 13 have been awarded during 2012-13.

A list of 16 PPP projects which are under implementation/construction is given below:

1. Construction of Offshore Container Berths and Development of terminal on BOT basis at Mumbai Harbour;

2. Construction of North Cargo Berth-II (VOC Port, Tuticorin);

3. Construction of Deep Draft Iron Ore Berth (Paradip Port);

4. Construction of Deep Draft Coal Berth (Paradip Port);

5. Multi-purpose Berth at Paradip to Handle Clean Cargo including Containers (Paradip Port);

6. Setting up of Mechanised Iron Ore Handling Facilities at Berth No- 14 (New Mangalore Port);

7. Development of Coal Handling Terminal at Berth no- 7 (Mormugao Port);

8. Development of 15th multipurpose cargo berth (Kandla Port);

9. Development of 16th multipurpose cargo berth (Kandla Port);

10. Setting up of Captive Barge Jetty at Old Kandla (IFFCO);

11. Development of Western quay(WQ-6) in the northern arm of Inner harbour of VPT for handling Dry bulk cargo (Visakhapatnam Port);

12. Development of EQ-10 berth in Inner Harbour for handling liquid cargo (Visakhapatnam Port);

13. Development of EQ-1 by replacement of Equity EQ-1 and Part of EQ-2 in Inner Harbour to Handle Steam Coal (Visakhapatnam Port);

14. Development of EQ-1A on South side of EQ-1 for Handling Thermal Coal and Stem Coal in the inner harbour (Visakhapatnam Port);

15. Installation of Mechanised handling facilities for fertilizers at EQ 7 in the Inner Harbour (Visakhapatnam Port);

16. Development of Dry Bulk Terminal off Tekra near Tuna (Kandla Port).

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Press Release, April 24, 2013