VIDEO: SGB Introduces Wetland Amphibious Excavator (South Africa)

SGB Introduces Wetland Amphibious Excavator

SGB302 wetland amphibious excavator is a type of multipurpose excavator designed especially for operation in lake area, marsh soft land surface and shallow water operation, and can be used for engineering such as ditch excavation, pond dredging, man-made lake dredging etc, it features large range of excavation and small ground pressure.

Travelling mechanism adopts dual-body boat form buoyancy tank, travelling speed reducer drives crawler chain, travelling is free and smooth.

Upper structure is similar to common excavator, adopts 360° full swing and full hydraulic system operation, which is flexible and convenient.


• Machine model SGB302

• Maximum digging reach (mm) 15,000

• Maximum digging depth (mm) 9,520

• Maximum digging height (mm) 15,000

• Maximum dumping height (mm) 11,000

• Minimum swing radius (mm) 8,000.


Dredging Today Staff, April 25, 2013