Yangtze Estuary Dredging Project Awarded (China)

Yangtze Estuary Dredging Project Awarded

On April 10, CCCC won the bid for Lot A and B of the deepwater channel maintenance and dredging project at the Yangtze estuary, with a contract value of 670 million yuan.

The project is located in Nanzhi, Nangang and Beicao waters of the Yangtze estuary. According to the predicted back-silting quantity, the project is divided into a basic lot (Lot A) and two seasonal lots (Lot B and C). The project involves the maintenance of a two-way channel with a length of 125.27 kilometers, a bottom width of 350 meters to 460 meters and a designed depth of 12.5 meters.

With dredging quantities of 35 million cubic meters and a contract value of some 550 million yuan, Lot A undertaken by CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd. involves waterway maintenance and will run from April 20 to December 31, 2013; with dredging quantities of 9 million cubic meters and a contract value of some 120 million yuan, Lot B undertaken by CCCC Guangzhou Dredging Co., Ltd. will run from June 1 to October 31, 2013.

The project is of great significance to further sharpening the competitiveness of Shanghai Port as an international shipping center, giving better play to the leading role of Shanghai Port in the “golden watercourse” of the Yangtze River and promoting the coordinated development of the economy in the Yangtze River Delta and the Yangtze River valley.


Press Release, April 25, 2013