Iraq: Army Corps Presents Umm Qasr Dredging Plan

Army Corps Presents Umm Qasr Dredging Plan

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Middle East District intends to solicit names of construction firms experienced in working in the Middle East region who are interested in submitting a firm-fixed price offer for the Umm Qasr dredging project.

MED is anticipating a project at an Iraqi Naval installation located at the Port of Umm Qasr, approximately 35 miles to the southeast of the Iraqi city of Basrah, adjacent to the southeastern border of the country.

The magnitude of the project is between $10 mln and $25 mln.

Proposal period

The Two-Phase Design-Build Solicitation is scheduled for release on or about 22 May 2013. The Phase One proposals will be due on or about 21 June 2013. Contract award is scheduled on or about 05 September 2013.

This project includes the following elements:

1. Design and construction of a floating pier, approximately 165m in length, for berthing of vessels with draft of up to 6 meters. This new pier will connect to an existing fixed concrete pier by means of a new ramp or gangway that is included in this design-build contract. The proposed pier will include utility connections to existing or future infrastructure to include electrical shore power connections, compressed air, fresh (non-potable) water, fuel lines and lighting.

2. Design and construction of supporting facilities for the floating pier. These supporting facilities include electrical, water and fuel infrastructure, transformers, site work, a paved road connecting the pier to existing road infrastructure and drainage.

3. Design and execution of an initial dredging operation from the boundary of the commercial port to the southern border of Iraq. The approximate dredging area is 300,000 square meters and the approximate volume of dredged material to be removed is 900,000 cubic meters, including a 1.0 meter overdredge tolerance. The contractor will construct a dredged materials disposal area in an authorized location adjacent to the dredging area. The contractor will provide a dredged material disposal system that allows for dredging operations with no interruption of navigational traffic in the existing nearby channels.

4. For one entire year, after the initial dredging is complete, the contractor will provide maintenance dredging to maintain the required design depth. The contractor will prepare and provide an engineered maintenance dredging plan and schedule which satisfies the maintenance dredging requirements.

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Source:, May 3, 2013