Malaysia: Sabah Ports Bhd Invests in Development

Sabah Ports Bhd Invests in Development

Sabah Ports Sdn Bhd, the port operating subsidiary of Suria Capital Holdings Bhd, will invest RM229mil over the next two years to further improve its port facilities and equipment to better serve the port users and shipping communities in Sabah.

Suria Capital told Bursa Malaysia that its board, as well as the board of Sabah Ports, had approved three new projects berth extension at Sandakan Port, jetty extension at Sapangar Bay Oil Terminal and the purchase of container and cargo-handling equipment for the ports.

“Sabah Ports is looking forward to providing better berthing facilities at Sandakan Port and Sapangar Bay Oil Terminal in view of the increase in berth occupancy.

“Both projects are expected to start sometime this year and will be completed in two years.

“With the completion of these jetty extensions, the two ports will be able to provide additional berthing facilities for working vessels and overcome any potential congestion,” the company said.

The company added that Sabah Ports would increase its container-handling equipment fleet at Sapangar Bay Container Port (SBCP), Sandakan Port and Tawau Port.

This includes one additional unit of ship-to-shore gantry crane at SBCP to the existing two units available at the port.

“Sabah Ports will also purchase a new mobile harbour crane for Sandakan Port in addition to the existing unit which will further improve the loading and discharging of containers at the port.

“The three ports, together with Lahad Datu Port, will also be provided with additional transfer and yard container-handling equipment, which will be made available by the end of 2013.”

Suria Capital said Sabah Ports is currently studying the requirements of the other ports with the objective of further improving the port services in Sabah.


Source: bintuluport, May 7, 2013