Army Corps Introduces Oakland Dredging Plan (USA)

Army Corps Introduces Oakland Dredging Plan

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, San Francisco District, has introduced a plan for the Oakland Inner and Outer Harbor Channel maintenance dredging project.

The work consists of maintenance dredging of Oakland Inner & Outer Harbor Channel of approximately 750,000 cubic yards of materials, to provide a project authorized depth, -50-feet (MLLW) plus 1.5 foot allowable paid over-depth for the Inner Harbor and Outer Harbor Channels.

Dredged material excavated from the mentioned areas will be transported and off loaded at the San Francisco Deep Ocean Disposal Site (SF-DODS) located approximately 62 miles offshore, the San Francisco in-bay disposal site, SF-11, located near Alcatraz Island, and at any permitted upland site of the Contractor’s choosing.

There is a maximum disposal limit of 100,000 cubic yards, including non-paid overdepth material, at the SF-11 site, and a minimum upland disposal amount of 250,000 cubic yards including non-paid overdepth material.

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Source:, May 8, 2013