Bills Bay Marina Dredging Completed (USA)

Bills Bay Marina Dredging Completed

Bills Bay Marina will now have one of the deepest harbors around the Red Wing area.

“We began our dredge project on Monday, April 29th, and completed the removal of 16,600 CY of material on May 10th, 2013,” announced

On April 29th, Portable Barge Services came down to the marina and marked out the coordinate for the dredge and were ready to begin digging the following Tuesday.

PBS (Portable Barge Services) had some very heavy operating equipment for this project which included a huge backhoe, three barges, and a small work boat. The backhoe sat on one of the three barges and dug down into the water to scoop out the material.

Bills Bay Marina Dredging

The material was then placed into one of the empty barges and once it was full they would travel upriver to the Red Wing bulkheads and transfer the material to a Caterpillar off-road dump truck which would bring the material down the road load after load to the Red Wing disposal site and dump the material into a large bowl that was built by Fitzgerald Excavating Trucking out of Goodhue, MN.

The removal of the material and dumping into the disposal site continued for 9 days.

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Press Release, May 13, 2013