Australia: Dredger “Athena” Arrives in Gladstone Harbour

Dredger Athena Arrives in Gladstone Harbour

A new dredge called the Athena arrived in Gladstone yesterday to continue project works for the Western Basin Dredging and Disposal Project (WBDDP).

It is expected to remain on the project until July 2013.

The Castor, a cutter suction dredge, finished works on the WBDDP last week and is currently demobilising to leave the Western Basin.

The Athena, a cutter suction dredge, is a stationary or self propelled vessel that uses a rotating cutter head to loosen the material in the seabed.

Once the Athena begins operating there will be 2 dredges (Athena and Al Mahaar) working on the WBDDP project.

The Athena is restricted in its ability to manoeuvre when dredging and boaters are advised to maintain a safe distance of 50 metres.

Approximately 16,000,000 cubic metres of material has been removed from the Western Basin, which is approximately 62% of the total project capacity of 26 million cubic metres.


Press Release, May 17, 2013