Aquatech to Showcase at 2013 Canadian Mining Expo

Aquatech to Showcase at 2013 Canadian Mining Expo

Aquatech Pump and Power has announced their participation at the 2013 Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins. “We have chosen this venue to launch some new and innovative pumping technologies to the Canadian Mining industry“, says Andy Ingriselli, President of Aquatech Pump and Power, Inc..

Aquatech will be displaying and featuring their specialized mine pumping equipment and dewatering services which include:

– Dragflow Super Duty Submersible Slurry Pumps, designed for heavy-duty applications, especially for slurry with abrasive solids, capable of pumping as much as 70% solids by weight and up to 5″ diameter solids. The EL 1204HH model is capable of handling heavy slurries and boasts a specific gravity up to 1.4 tons per cubic metre. With discharge heads up to 75 metres, this heavy duty pump boasts the highest head in the world!

– Dragflow Remote Controlled Dredge, versatile electric or hydraulic powered dredges. Fully wireless remote controlled requiring no manpower on the barge. Designed to fit in 20′ shipping container, or on a standard flat-bed trailer.

– Cornell SP Series Slurry Pumps, available in chrome iron and rubber configurations, are designed to transport strong abrasive slurry with high concentration of solids at pH levels of 5 to 12. The SP series pumps are designed to handle abrasive high density slurries in mining, metallurgical, coal and other industrial applications.

– The Pitbull Pneumatic Pump, an innovative pump that uses only two check valves and has a hollow chamber. The Pitbull will fill and then discharge almost any combination of liquid and solids that can flow through its wide open inlet. Pitbull uses compressed air as the motive force, acting directly on the liquid without the need for diaphragms or seals. The all-pneumatic operation simplifies installation, eliminates shock hazards and is suitable for explosion-proof areas.

– Aqua-Barrier, Portable cofferdams for containment, re-useable water inflated dam which can be used in rivers, ponds, lakes and streams to create a dry working area to construct a variety of structures. They are excellent in environmentally sensitive projects sites as they not only act as a dam but as a silt curtain protecting the water quality.

– Neptune Automated Wheel Wash System, designed to prevent dirt and sediment from being tracked onto public roads from construction sites, landfills, mines, quarries and other industrial sites. This heavy duty wash system is also available in portable models when a temporary set-up is required.

The Canadian Mining Expo runs May 29 & 30 at the McIntyre Community Centre in Timmins.


Press Release, May 27, 2013