Turkey: TCEEGE Continues Its Strategic Development

TCEEGE Continues Its Strategic Development

The Turkish Container Terminal (TCEEGE), operated by Grup Marítim TCB, continues its strategic plan for technological innovation by adding an ECH (empty container handler) to its equipment, increasing the speed, safety and environmental sustainability as compared to the reach stackers used until now.

Furthermore, the company has begun to extend part of the Terminal close to the dock, which will improve the efficiency of the ships’ loading and unloading operations. When the construction is finished, at the end of June, this area will be 21,000m2 larger than it is now; reaching 36,360m2 in size.

The acquisition of the ECH is part of a constant updating process of the technological equipment of TCEEGE. In early 2013, the Turkish Terminal also started to operate with two new Ship-to-Shore (STS) cranes with a special design of a double mobile gantry that allows Post Panamax ships to operate efficiently on both sides of the dock. The characteristics of the Grup TCB Terminal, with a 705-metre dock and a depth of 17 metres, allow it to accommodate the latest generation of ships.

Situated near Izmir, the third largest Turkish city, and in the most important export centre of the country, TCEEGE has an annual operating capacity of 400,000 TEUs. Its strategic location between Europe and Asia and its efficiency level attract important shipping companies.


Press Release, May 29, 2013